Robots get to grips with puzzles
Starting point / Task definition
Robots get to grips with puzzles
Robots get to grips with puzzles

At Ravensburger, five KUKA robots get puzzles and games ready for storage and dispatch. In a state-of-the-art automation system from FPT, KUKA palletizing robots palletize boxes of puzzles and games, with the correct grip for each different size of box. From the production line to the high-bay warehouse, the products make their way from the conveyor to the pallet and via the stretch wrapper to the warehouse, all without the need for a fork lift truck. The particular highlight: the whole sequence of operations is controlled by the KUKA KR C2.

Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH was looking for an automation solution that could cope with a large number of different products. It quickly became apparent that a general overhaul of the old layering palletizer would be too cost-intensive and require too much effort. Furthermore, it was also necessary to be able to palletize delicate puzzles and games without damaging the packaging. The concept called for a system that was functional and space-saving, for example, but also easy to operate.

Implementation / Solution

The products are transferred by a conveyor belt to a pre-stacker. Before this, however, they pass through an automation light grid where their width and then height are measured. The pre-stacker picks up the boxes with its suction gripper, usually four or five at a time, and stacks them to the desired height. It leaves a gap between the individual stacks so that the KUKA robot can grip them better. A KR 180 PA picks up these stacks, using a gripper adapted to the shape and size of the product, and stacks them in layers on the pallet that is ready and awaiting filling in the stacking position.
Once loaded by the robot, the pallets are transferred to a transverse shuttle which carries the palletized games to the wrapping and strapping machines. From here, a conveyor transfers them to the labeling machine where they are labeled before being carried in a lift to the high-bay warehouse. A KR 100 PA replenishes the stock of clean pallets. It picks up the pallets supplied by a transverse shuttle, measures them with a laser integrated into the gripper and then passes them through a cleaning station where they are vacuumed and brushed.
System components / Scope of supply

The system is not only equipped with KUKA robots, it is also controlled using the KR C2. This is possible thanks to the integrated philosophy and the ease of operation using the KUKA Control Panel (KCP) in conjunction with the FlexOP user interface developed by FPT.
Results / Success

The project was implemented in a very short space of time. The KUKA robots convinced the customer with their high availability and the integrated control concept. The system can cope with the wide variety of different products and is easy to operate.
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