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Starting point / Task definition

Berthold Hermle AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of milling machines and machining centers. When it comes to automation of its machining centers, Hermle relies on the competence of Augsburg-based KUKA Roboter GmbH. In the new RS 4 manufacturing system, the company has opted to exploit the strengths of the KR 1000 titan. The impressive 1000 kg payload capacity of the titan is ideal for fully-automatic loading and unloading of Hermle machining centers with heavy workpieces, such as those found in tool and die-making.

The customer requires a solution for fully-automatic loading and unloading of machining centers with heavy workpieces, such as those found in tool and die-making or in mechanical engineering.

Implementation / Solution

The Hermle machining center combines a KUKA KR 1000 titan robot, a pallet magazine and one or even two 5-axis C 50 U dynamic machining centers to form a high-performance production system. The robot system can transport loads weighing 1000 kg and is used in production for the fully-automatic machining of heavy castings and aluminum workpieces. A sensor-monitored changeover station allows the manufacturing system to be loaded and unloaded without interrupting the machining process.
System components / Scope of supply

The KR 1000 titan is used.
Results / Success

The KR 1000 titan is responsible for loading and unloading the pallets with clamped workpieces. With its automatically exchangeable grippers, the KUKA robot can directly handle the most varied workpieces with ease. Pallet handling and workpiece handling are possible in an “on-the-fly” changeover without the need for operator intervention. The titan is positioned in front of the machining center and safeguarded by means of a sophisticated door safety system. The robot system and the machining center can each be operated manually, without disturbing the automatic sequence of the other unit.
Number of report
R 030
Metal products
Machine Tools
Handling, loading and unloading
Forming machine tools
Cutting machine tools
Handling for other machines
Heavy duty (300-1300 kg)
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