Automation potential in the wood industry

Other sectors are leading the way: there are approx. 770,000 robots in industrial operation worldwide. The wood industry is now slowly catching up – but the growing demands, e.g. on competitive strength, require a rapid response from decision-makers: until now, very little of the potential of traditional automation systems has been exploited; this potential can now be tapped reliably and profitably using modern robotic solutions. The productivity and cost-effectiveness of the wood production chain can be improved while simultaneously meeting the highest quality requirements. According to statements from wood industry insiders, robots are set to become as important as CNC applications within the next few years; if this is the case, then it is time to act. KUKA robotic technology, expert advice and perfectly adapted, profitable automation solutions all add up to a winning combination.
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Automation in the wood industry

Use of robots in the wood industry

Use of robots in the wood industry
No matter what the task – grinding, milling, drilling, sawing or handling: those wishing to operate profitably in the wood sector of the future turn to automation solutions from KUKA. The result is maximum flexibility and significantly increased productivity. In palletizing and sorting applications, KUKA robots act as networkers, linking entire process islands – and also prove to be perfect quality inspectors when fitted with sensor systems. Our all-rounders also perform pick&place tasks at lightning speed and with the same incredible precision they demonstrate when producing exactly identical milled parts – as one-off products or in mass production. With their continuous availability, simple programming and fast changeover to different tools and grippers, KUKA robots play a major role in ensuring profitability in the woodworking sector.

Modern quality of life: the wood industry

The wood industry can be divided into four main areas: the furniture industry, the construction-related sector, the wooden materials industry, and other sectors including sawmills, planing mills and impregnation plants. Almost all of these areas are characterized by hazardous work in harsh ambient conditions: workers in the impregnation sector are constantly exposed to chemicals, while there is a high risk of injuries at sawing and milling machines. The requirements on personnel and machines are just as great in high-precision machining applications in the manufacture of large workpieces. Whatever the application, if you are aiming to combine utmost safety with maximum efficiency, you need look no further than KUKA Roboter.

Robots in the wood industry

With KUKA robots, the safety of your employees always has top priority – and your manufacturing productivity increases automatically. Neither dust nor even extreme fouling are a problem for the robust all-rounders. They master all hazardous tasks, such as impregnation or painting, with ease. The flexible jointed-arm robots also perform tasks that involve a high risk of injury reliably and professionally. And because, unlike conventional machines, our robots are not restricted to individual operations, but can be adapted easily to new products, they can be used for a wide range of tasks. Due to their extreme accuracy, they make light of even complex, high-precision manufacturing tasks.

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