Automation potential in the plastics industry

The plastics industry is the industrial sector with the highest growth potential: with its unique material properties, plastic is the material of the future. However, the obsolete machines that are often still in use are simply no longer able to keep up with the requirements for state-of-the-art technology and high quality standards combined with increased profitability and productivity: KUKA robots are integrative, complete system solutions. They network and integrate process islands and withstand the extreme working conditions thanks to their robustness and durability – while simultaneously reducing operating costs by means of their low maintenance requirements and ease of programming. KUKA jointed-arm robots prove their worth in flexible and cost-effective operation for complex loading and unloading tasks and reliably carry out manufacturing processes, such as palletizing. KUKA robots are thus already meeting the challenges of tomorrow.
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Automation in the plastics industry

From raw materials to quality products: the plastics industry

The plastics industry is highly networked and specialized: plastic production, plastic processing and mechanical engineering are closely interlinked. This branch of industry will continue to be a strong pillar of the economy in the future, securing hundreds of thousands of jobs. After all, plastics are used in virtually every sector: from the automotive and electronics industries to the consumer goods and food industries. Mechanical engineering plays an important role here as the link between the production and the processing of plastics. Injection molding machines and tools process the raw material to form innovative, precise and robust end products or intermediate products for further processing – production steps that can be carried out more efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably with automation solutions.

Robots in the plastics industry

Robots in the plastics industry
Survival in the plastics industry means being able to master extreme requirements. No problem for KUKA robots. They are equally suited to the production of tools and dies in cleanroom quality and to labor-intensive operation in injection molding systems. They reliably increase the profitability of a wide range of processes, even under demanding conditions. This is because KUKA robots have numerous options for handling, pick&place and finishing applications. Thanks to their multi-tasking capability, they work quickly, effectively and flexibly. Robust and durable, they withstand the toughest conditions. They enable you to meet increasingly demanding requirements in terms of quality and productivity, while ensuring that you enjoy a decisive competitive edge.

Areas of application for robots

Areas of application for robots
Versatile operation and strong interaction with other automation processes – these are convincing arguments for KUKA robots in the plastics industry. Modern 6-axis jointed-arm robots are the first choice when it comes to flexible, low-maintenance all-rounders. They combine high payloads with quick and easy programming – as cleanroom robots for the manufacture of medical products, or as precision robots in high-accuracy applications or for the handling of explosive substances.

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