Automation potential in the metal industry

The metal industry is booming: there is particularly high growth potential in the American and Asian markets. Nevertheless, the high pressure of competition and critical quality requirements pose a significant challenge in terms of the productivity and cost-effectiveness of metal-working companies. Processes will have to be accelerated and optimized if the German metal industry hopes to survive in the face of international competition.

Modern, high-performance robot technology from KUKA, that is reliable even under extreme foundry conditions, is a cost-effective investment in the future.

Custom-tailored and highly specialized applications and modules in combination with standardized robot models from KUKA provide you with convincing process optimization solutions.

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Custom-tailored solutions for your application

Automation in the metal industry

From steel to cast iron: the metal industry

Light metals, non-ferrous heavy metals, precious metals and special metals or steel – without foundry operations and steelworking/metalworking, there would be no metal industry. And without multiple-shift operation and automation, there would be no manufacturing to ensure cost-effectiveness and competitiveness while relieving human workers of unnecessary burdens. For this reason, KUKA offers the ideal solution for every production process: from casting to welding, from forging to cutting, and from loading and unloading to assembly.

Robots in the metal industry

Robots in the metal industry
More productivity, cost-effectiveness and quality – the demands of the metal industry are becoming ever greater. With modern robotics from KUKA, it is always possible to stay one step ahead. With flexible applications and the latest control technology, KUKA robots take over numerous work steps in multiple-shift operation, even in harsh production settings – thus increasing the profitability of the manufacturing operations. Robust Foundry robots function as a reliable link between individual production islands, for example, in environments with high temperatures and a high degree of fouling. Thanks to their enormous payload capacity and positioning ability, KUKA robots are meanwhile also indispensable for the transfer of heavy loads.

Use of robots in the metal industry

Their modular structure, flexible controller and ready-made application packages make KUKA robots indispensable for the manufacture of metal products. Their main areas of application are machining operations, such as drilling, milling or cutting, as well as bending and stamping. They also improve cycle times and productivity in welding, assembly, loading and unloading operations. Even in foundry environments, specially equipped KUKA Foundry robots are characterized by their long service life and resistance against heat, water and dirt. And last, but not least, KUKA robots make an important contribution to efficient quality management, with independently executed inspection operations such as surface inspections.

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