Automation potential in the foundry and forging industry

With growing demand, particularly from countries in America and Asia, the worldwide market offers major growth opportunities for the foundry industry. The only way to meet this increasing potential is a higher degree of automation in the production chain. The use of KUKA robots increases the cost-effectiveness of production, meets high quality requirements and ensures competitiveness. Today, modern robots are vital as safe, robust assistants and organizers in production settings under extreme foundry conditions.

Innovative applications and specialized modules in combination with standardized robot models from KUKA rise to these challenges. KUKA robots are characterized by first-class performance and quality.

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Automation in the foundry and forging industry

Robots in the foundry industry

Robots in the foundry industry
Multiple shift operation under extreme conditions – foundry work places a huge strain on both humans and machines. Another reason for turning to foundry robots from KUKA that are specially designed for the toughest conditions: areas with a high degree of fouling, high temperatures or harsh ambient conditions. Their user-friendly controller and application-specific software packages allow them to be operated flexibly – directly at the casting machine, as a connecting element between two operations, or for the transfer of heavy workpieces. Thanks to their optimal positioning ability, high payload capacity and reliability in constant operation, their use is not only profitable – it is almost indispensable in an industry where competitiveness must be consolidated and expanded.

Areas of application for KUKA robots

Areas of application for robots
Even when the heat is on, KUKA robots are masters of the situation: with their modular structure, flexible controller and application-specific software packages, they meet the highest requirements for all automation tasks in the foundry sector. They are waterproof and resistant against dirt and heat. They can be used directly before, in or on the casting machines, for example, for removing the workpieces. Furthermore, they also link process and production islands reliably. KUKA robots also get the job done when it comes to further machining tasks, such as deburring, grinding or drilling, or even quality control.

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