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48 cool robot types. In service wherever things heat up.
Heat, dust, aggressive fluids: when the going gets tough for human workers, tough KUKA robots get going – with outstanding performance in continuous operation. Based on many years of experience in the foundry sector and in the automotive industry, KUKA is now offering a unique range of 48 high-performance robot types – the KR QUANTEC F series. With protective coatings resistant to alkalis, acids, heat and corrosion, they permanently meet the requirements of protection ratings IP65/67. They are available as floor-, ceiling- and shelf-mounted robots and for payloads from 6 to 1,300 kg.


The basis for high performance and process reliability in hot surroundings.

Metal – red-hot, molten or solid. From intricate light alloy components to large-format steel parts: the KR QUANTEC F series masters all disciplines from sand casting and die casting to permanent mold casting and even the handling of heavy molds and finished components. It effortlessly handles payloads of up to 300 kg. The extremely robust and maintenance-friendly design makes it a sound investment for the future.

On request, all KUKA robots based on the KR C4 controller can be controlled directly via the Siemens® SINUMERIK operator panel of your machine – simple and with no need for special knowledge of robotics.

  • Leaner, faster, more robust
  • Requires less space


Leaner, faster, more robust: the new Foundry robot of the QUANTEC series requires less space, thus saving valuable production area. Optionally available with a linear unit.
KR 16-2 F series
  • Minimized disruptive contour
  • Reaches any point, even in confined spaces.


With its minimized disruptive contour and streamlined design, the KR 16-2-F saves valuable space and reaches any point, even in confined spaces.
KR 30/60 F series
  • Highly practical, tried-and-tested equipment
  • Specially developed for foundry applications


The highly practical, tried-and-tested equipment of this series is ideally adapted to the requirements of foundry applications.
KR FORTEC F series
  • Strong, flexible, agile
  • For payloads up to 600 kg


Strong, flexible, agile. The perfect choice for handling heavy parts. With a uniquely wide variety of models for payloads up to 600 kg, this series redefines the heavy payload range.
KR 1000 titan F series
  • Payload capacities of up to 1,300 kg
  • Precise handling


With a payload of up to 1300 kg, distances of up to 6.5 m are covered. Precise handling of engine blocks, steel beams and XL workpieces is made easy with the KR titan F series.
KR Agilus series
  • Unparalleled performance
  • Maximum speed


The small robot series with unparalleled performance at the highest of speeds is also available as a waterproof variant (IP67).
KR 210-2 F exclusive
  • Optimally protected against water, dirt and dust


The KR 210-2 F is optimally protected against the effects of waterjets, permanent air humidity and dirt particles by means of special surface treatment and the use of sealing air systems.
KR QUANTEC F: the advantages at a glance

  • Ideal combination of high payload capacity and small footprint
  • Fast and reliable – even for complex tasks
  • Availability: virtually 100%
  • Optimized cycle times
  • Process reliability
  • Assured productivity
  • Easy integration of peripheral devices, e.g. deflashing presses and grippers

With their heat-, corrosion-, alkali- and acid-resistant coating, KUKA Foundry robots are optimally equipped for the harsh working environments in the foundry and forging industry. The specially-developed Foundry wrist with corrosion-resistant V2A materials is dustproof, waterproof and certified with protection rating IP67 for the entire life cycle of the robot.

Best performance: with a wide range of payloads

The hydropneumatic counterbalancing system allows for infinitely variable – and therefore optimal – adaptation of the restoring forces to the masses moved. It ensures outstanding dynamic performance and maximizes the energy efficiency of the robots at the same time.

ONE control system: the KR C4, open for the perfect solution

KUKA KR C4 – one system controls all. Robot, motion, sequence, process and safety control: The KR C4 unites all the control tasks for efficient use of robots in a single, smart system. With passive cooling and without proprietary hardware. Extremely robust and future-proof, it offers security of investment – and that in the harshest of conditions.

Whether communicating via field bus systems such as Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet or Ethercat, or via Ethernet with higher-level systems – the KR C4 is a veritable communication talent. This ensures that the KR C4 can be integrated simply into existing infrastructures. It naturally also makes child’s play of controlling external axes and the synchronization of complex work processes, e.g. at presses, hammers and casting machines. At the same time, the electronic components are safely protected against dust and dirt by means of an atmospheric overpressure in the housing.

And what’s more: with its integrated energy management, the KR C4 enables up to 95% savings in energy consumption*.

* In standby modes and Eco mode.

Four dedicated control modules in one control system

The KR C4 concept is revolutionary. For the first time, RobotControl, MotionControl and LogicControl are seamlessly and interactively integrated with control modules for Safety and CNC. Automation solutions based on the KR C4 are thus considerably more intelligent, flexible and scalable.

Especially low-maintenance – without filter mats

The passive heat exchange system of the KR C4, with separate air circulation in the inner and outer zones of the controller, allows low-maintenance operation even in dusty environments. Entirely without filter mats.

100% specialized: molding, casting and machining. KUKA robots can do almost anything.

Operation with little knowledge of robotics:
thanks to KUKA.PLC mxA.

The convenient, universal interface makes KUKA robots extremely easy to operate. Interacting with the Sinumerik Run MyRobot software package from Siemens®, KUKA.PLC mxA allows a KUKA robot teamed up with production machines to be visualized, operated, programmed and set up in the same system that the user is familiar with from the production machine environment. And all this using the production machine’s control panel.

Fast programming: thanks to familiar interface with KUKA.CNC

KUKA robots perform processing tasks like production machines – and can be programmed like them too in G-code (DIN 66025) thanks to the KUKA.CNC interface. Users understand them straight away, can create programs using a CAD/CAM process chain and, after simulation, execute them on the robot without having to compile them into the robot language. Already included: tool radius correction, sister tools and many other familiar NC functions.

Optimal casting quality: with the technology package KUKA.Slip-Casting

KUKA.Slip-Casting enables the robot to perform simple, precise tracking of a tilt-pour permanent mold casting machine. It controls the positioning of the pouring ladle exactly and doses the flow of molten aluminum into the mold with the utmost precision. The result: top casting quality due to low-turbulence pouring processes.

25 KUKA robots assemble crankcase core packages fully automatically at NEUE HALBERG-GUSS
Thanks to the robot-based solution, NEUE HALBERGGUSS profits from consistently high quality.
Foundry: At Heidenreich & Harbeck, KUKA robots are using contour recognition to remove undefined casting burrs
Fully automated, robot-based finishing process for the manufacturing of casting components
KR 1000 titan F casts molten iron at Georg Fischer
The KUKA titan at Georg Fischer Mettmann is the first robot ever used to cast molten iron.
Extreme loads in extreme settings
In the extreme foundry conditions, exceptionally heavy loads such as casting cores weighing several hundred kilos need to be moved as efficiently, safely and precisely as possible. Speed is of the essence here.
Robots link drop forging process
To increase the capacity of its drop forging shop, Buderus Edelstahl Schmiedetechnik GmbH invested in a fully-automatic press line for truck wheel hubs. The company was looking for robots to handle the forgings, which are at a temperature of 1,250 degrees Celsius.

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