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The recipe for success for one-of-a-kind productivity. Along the entire process chain
Bakery and confectionery goods, meat and fish, animal food, dairy products, drinks, cheese – all foods and beverages require packaging. It protects the contents and informs the consumer. But above all, packaging must be eye-catching, designed to jump off the shelf and into shopping carts.

In other words, packaging is critical where product safety and consumer behavior are concerned. New packaging designs, ever shorter product cycles and an increasing diversity of variants pose growing challenges to food industry manufacturers.

Intelligent and flexible automation solutions play a significant role in overcoming these challenges both quickly and cost-effectively. Along with packaging machines with automatic format adjustment, highly efficient robots, in particular those equipped with camera systems, have long been established as the backbone of food production.

The packaging of food now accounts for over 40% of production costs. With rising labor costs, frequent sick leaves resulting from repetitive motions of loading and unloading , and  the costs  compliance with stringent hygiene regulations, manual packaging means an ever-growing cost pool across the entire process chain. In this context, robots increase productivity in nearly all areas of application, reduce costs and play a key role in competitiveness.

With its network of specialized system partners, KUKA provides tailor-made solutions for every requirement. Our robots carry out the loading and unloading of your packaging machines, not to mention cartoning, labeling, palletizing and order picking. Or they improve efficiency early on in the processing stage.

KR 700 PA
  • Low weight of robot
  • High-speed champion


The low weight and powerful motors and gear units make the KR 700 PA a real high-speed champion.
KR 300-2 PA/KR 470-2 PA
  • High working velocity
  • Compact design


Ideally suited to high-speed tasks in the heavy-duty category, with compact design and low weight.
  • Maximum dynamic performance
  • Extreme stiffness


Maximum dynamism, extreme stiffness and high performance combined with low weight. The QUANTEC series is also available with food-suitable lubricants and as an arctic variant.
KR AGILUS series
  • Unparalleled performance
  • Maximum speed

The small robot series with unparalleled performance at the highest of speeds is also available as a waterproof variant.

KR 30-3 and KR 60-3 series
  • Payload capacities of up to 60 kg
  • Pose repeatability of ±0.08 mm


It masters payloads up to 60 kg and a pose repeatability of ±0.08 mm. Precision handling of even heavy workpieces is thus no problem.
KR 16 series
  • Small interference contour
  • Streamlined design


With its minimized disruptive contour and streamlined design, the KR 16 series saves valuable space and reaches any point, even in confined spaces.
KR 40 PA
  • Fast and precise
  • Stacks pallets up to 1.8 m high


KR 40 PA - fast and precise. Its 4-axis kinematic system enables pallets to be stacked up to 1.8 m high.

KR 1000 titan PA
  • Payload capacities of up to 1,300 kg
  • High dynamic performance and short cycle times


The KR 1000 titan PA is the world’s first robot for payloads up to 1,300 kg – with excellent dynamic performance and short cycle times.
Eight KUKA robot families. The right specialist for every taste

Always lends a helping hand: the KR QUANTEC palletizing robot

Payloads ranging from 40 kg to heavy-duty loads of 1,300 kg and reaches up to 3,601 mm: KUKA has the optimal solution for every requirement with a unique offering of variants. Even for highly specific requirements.

Fast. Faster, more precise and more powerful than any other palletizing robot in this class – for unprecedented results.

Powerful. The streamlined, weight-saving design allows greater dynamism, shorter cycle times and higher throughput.

Compact. The KR QUANTEC robots are the most compact in their class, with unrivaled power density, reach and payload.

Optimized for the application. Specially designed for demanding palletizing tasks. Power and dynamic performance for problem-free stacking of multiple pallets to great heights.

Cost-efficient. Thanks to the streamlined base frame and small footprint, a minimum of shop space is required.

More space for your success: the virtual protected space

KUKA robots monitor their workspace by means of safe software. This means that they can be operated in confined spaces, for example under crane-ways or in facilities with low ceilings.

-30°C and chilled out. KUKA robots in extreme situations

No temperature fluctuations. No loss of quality. No formation of ice on the frozen goods. A real logistics pro doesn’t make compromises – not even in extreme situations down to –30°C. The  KR QUANTEC PA arctic has been specially designed for palletizing at extremely low temperatures. It can work in the freezing cold: without compromise, reliably and extremely fast, without heaters in the robot arm and without any protective suit. This offers radical cost savings compared with conventional shrouded solutions. For example, no annual costs and downtime for exchange work are required. Furthermore, cost-intensive heat emissions in the cold storage depot are avoided as no heating is required.

Uniform and compatible. The KR C4 controller

KUKA KR C4 – one system controls all. Robot, motion, sequence, process and safety control, uniform for all KUKA robots: the KR C4 unites all the control tasks for efficient use of robots in a single, smart system.

Whether communicating via field bus systems such as Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet I/P, DeviceNet or Ethercat, or via Ethernet with higher-level systems – the KR C4 is a veritable communication talent. This ensures that the KR C4 can be integrated simply into existing infrastructures. It naturally also makes child’s play of controlling external axes and synchronizing external conveyor belts. To round off the package, image processing can be optionally integrated, leaving nothing to be desired.

And what’s more: with its integrated energy management, the KR C4 enables up to 95% savings in energy consumption*.

* In standby modes and Eco mode.

Especially low-maintenance – without filter mats

The passive heat exchange system of the KR C4, with separate air circulation in the inner and outer zones of the controller, allows low-maintenance operation even in dusty environments. Entirely without filter mats.

Operation with little knowledge of robotics: thanks to KUKA.PLC mxA

mxAutomation is specifically aimed at manufacturers of packaging machines. With the software, integrating robots into the specific controller of the packaging machine is a snap. KUKA robots are then available and easy to use in the familiar programming and operator control environment. This increases user acceptance and significantly reduces training costs.

KUKA.FlexPal – palletizing the easy way

The KUKA.FlexPal Editor allows for the easy definition of packing patterns as well as pallet, pickup/setdown and slipsheet stations. The specific program code is generated at the touch of a button. And the best part? On request, you can easily have full access to even the smallest detail.


An “on-board” vision system is part of the package. KUKA supplies you with robots and image processing from a single source. KUKA.VisionTech provides powerful tools for 2D object recognition, quality control as well as code and optical character recognition (OCR).
With the high-quality camera in its IP67 housing, object recognition enables flexible robot operation, even in unstructured environments. Code recognition simplifies the traceability of your products and is able to safeguard quality and reduce costs in the long term due to automatic checks.


Organizes the cooperation of robots and conveyors. Allows efficient, dynamic handling of parts, even for complex applications.

Handling & Palletizing: A KR QUANTEC robot depalletizes high stacks of beer crates for Widmer Brothers Brewing
The KR 270 R2700 ultra performs convincingly at Widmer Brothers Brewing through maximum flexibility and an ideal ratio of payload to reach.
KR QUANTEC packs Champagne bottles at Piper-Heidsieck & Charles Heidsieck
Tradition can go hand in hand with technological innovation
Robot plugs away
KUKA stainless steel robot screws stoppers into “Pittermännchen” barrels at Kölner Verbund Brauereien
No midsummer daydreaming for the robot
In the order-picking warehouse at Gilde in Tonsberg (Norway), the overriding concern is how to get freshly processed and packaged meat to the customer. About 140 employees currently sort customer orders.
Sorted by robot, washed and returned to the field
No-one spares a thought for IFCO reusable plastic containers (RPCs), in which fruit and vegetables are transported to supermarket shelves. And yet there is one company that devotes itself exclusively to working with these objects. Its sole business is sorting and cleaning them. The task of palletizing them is carried out by a KUKA robot.

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