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The driving force behind the big names – the automotive supply industry
The significance of suppliers for the automotive industry is growing steadily. Suppliers account for almost 80% of value creation; in addition to manufacturing components, they often conduct research and development and are responsible for a large proportion of today’s innovations. At the same time, the demands of automotive manufacturers are steadily increasing: the industry is characterized by ever shorter development cycles, increasing demands in terms of manufacturing quality, productivity and flexibility, and reliable just-in-time deliveries. It is not easy to retain creative leeway in these circumstances, but it is possible thanks to automation solutions from KUKA. With their service-proven functionality, tested the world over, they provide suppliers with a means of optimally meeting the requirements of the automotive industry long term.
  • Maximum dynamic performance
  • Extreme stiffness

This series stands out for its maximum dynamism, extreme stiffness and high performance as well as its low weight and streamlined design.

KR Agilus series
  • Unparalleled performance
  • Maximum speed

The small robot series with unparalleled performance at the highest of speeds is also available as a waterproof variant.

  • Masters payloads up to 600 kg
  • Pose repeatability of ±0.08 mm

It masters payloads up to 600 kg and a pose repeatability of ±0.08 mm. Precision handling of even heavy workpieces is thus no problem.

KR 16-3 L8 arc HW
  • Hollow Wrist protects the dress package
  • No whiplash motion during reorientation of the robot

The Hollow Wrist not only shields the dress package from mechanical influences, but also prevents undesirable whiplash motion during reorientation of the robot.

KR 16-2
  • Minimized disruptive contour
  • Reaches any point, even in confined spaces.

With its minimized disruptive contour and streamlined design, it saves valuable space and reaches any point, even in confined spaces.

KR 16 arc HW
  • Improved component accessibility
  • Simplified offline programming

Both torsion-type dress packages and infinitely rotating arc welding dress packages are possible. This means not only improved component accessibility, but also simplified offline programming.

Consistent quality. Reduced need for reworking.

Areas of application for robots in the automotive supply industry

Areas of application for robots
An automotive supplier without an automated production chain or KUKA robots? Hardly imaginable. When it comes to standardized processing of workpieces of almost any material, the answer is robust and highly precise high-tech solutions from KUKA. They perform tasks that are too dangerous for human operators, execute entire production steps fully automatically, and intelligently link individual process islands – and all of this with extreme flexibility. From assembly to welding and from surface treatment or sorting to measurement and inspection tasks – KUKA robots make precision work even faster and more profitable.

Robots in the automotive supply industry

Robots in the automotive supply industry
These days, 75% of a car is manufactured by the components industry. It is thus no wonder that KUKA robots are playing an ever greater role in ensuring the productivity of automotive subsuppliers. From tires to fuel lines, engine blocks to windows, and steering wheels to plastic trim: whatever the component, the use of robots pays for itself. The reason for this is their flexible applications, user-friendly control technology and reliable, maintenance-free production sequences – even under extreme conditions. Combined with low investment costs and utmost processing flexibility, this enables them to make the industry efficient and thus fit for the future.

Automation potential in the automotive supply industry

This branch of industry has continued to grow steadily over the past five years, with average annual sales growth of more than 5%. This shift in the automotive industry has led to considerable growth in the business volume for suppliers. The automotive supply industry faces increasingly high demands for utmost quality and enormous pressure: increasingly tough global competition, pressure on costs and prices from manufacturers, and uncertainty over the development of raw material prices. Those who wish to continue playing a key role in the market in the future must stay competitive. Competent solutions from KUKA that enhance profitability help you to optimize your production and ensure the quality of your manufacturing system and products in the long term. The modular structure of our robots and their versatile expansion, upgrade and conversion functions – combined with all their technical advantages – all add up to maximum security of your investment for the future.

25 KUKA robots assemble crankcase core packages fully automatically at NEUE HALBERG-GUSS
Thanks to the robot-based solution, NEUE HALBERGGUSS profits from consistently high quality.
Foundry: At Heidenreich & Harbeck, KUKA robots are using contour recognition to remove undefined casting burrs
Fully automated, robot-based finishing process for the manufacturing of casting components
ENKO Staudinger combines various welding processes in a compact universal cell
For Denkingen-based KAUTH GmbH und Co. KG, a company that specializes in highquality metal processing, ENKO Staudinger has developed a compact universal welding cell, combining a range of different welding processes in a single cell with minimized space requirements.
KUKA AGILUS provides excellent basis for creation of ALNEA-ZEUS soldering robot
For four years, ALNEA Sp. z.o.o. has been active on the market for dedicated industrial solutions. The industrial selective soldering process has been intensively researched at ALNEA and is thus the most recognized and well-known.
Erhardt + Abt using the KUKA KR 16 to automate the painting of rear axle drive shafts
The KUKA robot makes its mark in the coating booth for car rear axles through its robust motion control – even under the influence of external forces.

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