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Your ideas are what shapes our programs. And your daily challenges are what drives us. Whether it’s routine processes or new, tailored system solutions, KUKA supports you with the right software: from expandable system software and ready-made robotic applications, through integrated Soft PLC and wide-ranging simulation tools, right up to intelligent robot networking and safe human-machine interaction. With a familiar Windows user interface, adapted to your automation solution and 100% compatible. You can rest assured: with software from KUKA, your robots and systems are always programmed for productivity.


Programming. Configuration. Loading. Testing. Diagnosis. Modifying. Archiving. KUKA.WorkVisual groups all the steps of a project together in a homogenous offline development, online diagnosis and maintenance environment.
System software
The KUKA system software is the operating system and the heart of the controller. It contains all the basic functions that are required for operating the robot system, such as path planning or I/O management.
Security Updates
In order to give you as our customer this security in your network architecture, you can obtain the latest updates from us for your KRC system.
Application software
For simple programming and high process reliability, KUKA offers you a broad range of ready-made application software, tailored to the most common robot applications.
Additional functions for system software
A wide range of additional functions for the system software enhance the user interface and offer support for special programming tasks. For this, user-friendly tools are available with which the basic functions for operating the robot system can be systematically expanded.
Hub technologies
Software packages from the area of hub technologies offer the great advantage that they can be used with any KUKA robot – irrespective of the payload, variant or application.
Simulation | Planning | Optimization
Good preparation is everything. That’s why KUKA offers you a range of program modules with which you can reliably plan and calculate the processes in your production – whether you want to plan new systems or optimize existing ones.



System software for all KUKA lightweight robots

KUKA Sunrise.OS
KUKA Sunrise.OS is the system software for all KUKA lightweight robots. It provides all functions for operator control of lightweight robots.





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