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Palletizing Robots


KUKA's many years of experience as robotic palletizer manufacturers offers you a world of new possibilities in the field of palletizing and depalletizing. KUKA gives you the choice of a wide-range of perfectly coordinated components.

Streamline your process, increase your equipment's productivity, and decrease cost and safety hazards with a robotic palletizer from KUKA.

Please visit our Contact section to download product information, request a quote from Sales or contact us for technical support.
Our experts are standing by to answer your questions, handle parts replacement, provide price points, and guide you to the right robotic cell for your application.

Robotic Palletizers & Depalletizers for Every Application

As one of the top suppliers of palletizers, we can ensure smoother, safer project implementation with our palletizing solutions.  No matter your application, we have a machine that can palletize just about anything you can throw at it, including:

  • cases
  • bags
  • shrink bundles
  • pails
  • totes
  • drums
  • and more!

Please contact us today for more information about our robotic palletizers and custom palletizer designs.

KR 40 PA
It really stacks up: the new KUKA palletizing robot is capable of stacking europallets up to 1,6 m net height.
KR 120 R3200 PA (KR QUANTEC)
Faster. Higher. Further. With their robust yet streamlined design, these robots are ideally suited to palletizing requirements.
KR 180 R3200 PA (KR QUANTEC)
Unrivaled. The robust design and high-performance gear units and motors allow palletizing operations with up to 27 cycles per minute.
KR 240 R3200 PA (KR QUANTEC)
Optimal acceleration values despite heavy load. Designed for payloads of 240 kg, these robots are characterized by extremely high acceleration values.
KR 300-2 PA
The KUKA KR 300-2 PA palletizing robot is light, fast and powerful and has been developed especially for high-speed tasks with heavy payloads.
KR 470-2 PA
With its compact design, low weight and integrated installation and fastening elements, the KR 470-2 PA is quickly and easily integrated into a system.
KR 700 PA
Particularly powerful motors and gear units ensure fast production with 15 cycles per minute for a payload of 700 kg and a palletizing distance of 400/2000/400 mm.
KR 1000 L950 titan PA
For palletizing the heaviest components, the titan palletizing robot is the optimal solution.
KR 1000 1300 titan PA
With a payload capacity of up to 1,300 kg, the KR 1000 1300 titan PA is the strongest robot on the market. Its powerful, streamlined design earned it the internationally recognized reddot design award.
It needs no protective suit and can nonetheless work at temperatures way below zero: the KR QUANTEC PA arctic.



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