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KUKA Robot KR 60-3 F

KR 60-3 F

The highly practical, tried-and-tested equipment of KUKA robots is ideally adapted to the requirements of foundry applications. The KUKA in-line wrist withstands temperatures of up to 100 °C in continuous operation, and even peaks of 180 °C for up to 10 seconds every minute.


Payload 30/45/60 kg
Supplementary payload 35 kg

Working envelope

Max. reach 2441/2241/2041 mm

Other data and variants

Number of axes 6
Repeatability <±0,06 mm
Weight 895/888/880 kg
Mounting positions Floor, ceiling
Controller KR C4
Suitable for this application
Handling, loading and unloading Packaging and order picking Other handling operations
Painting, surface treatment Metal casting machines, foundry plants Painting, enameling
Application of adhesives and sealants Other coating operations Assembly
Fastening Other applications Forging plants
Cutting machine tools Handling for other machines  
After consultation with KUKA
Machining Plastics processing machines  

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