Robot brings flexibility to laser welding
Starting point / Task definition
High-tech rooted in experience and innovation

One of the most advanced and flexible laser welding cells in Europe can be found at Innova in Laitila (Finland). KUKA Roboter GmbH, its system partner Kine Robot Solutions, and the Innova Adult Education Center pooled their experience and know-how to create the high-tech laser cell “Innova Lasepro”.
The KUKA robots can work individually, with positioning tables or as a team, enabling extremely large parts to be processed. Be it laser welding, laser cutting or laser hybrid welding, all processes are camera-monitored.

Innova receives frequent research assignments from a wide range of industries – especially the naval construction industry. In such cases, the components are often very large and bulky and would not fit on a conventional system.

Implementation / Solution

A KUKA KR 30 HA robot is mounted upside down on a KUKA linear unit, giving it a travel of ten meters. Both the linear unit and the robot are special designs that have been optimized by KUKA for maximum accuracy.
The KR 30 HA – HA stands for “High Accuracy” – is designed for high-precision tasks and is particularly suitable for laser applications or for measuring components. The robot and linear unit achieve an accuracy of plus or minus 0.20 mm.
A KUKA robot of type KR 210 is responsible for handling the components and is able to work together with the KR 30 HA as a team. This is done using a technology called KUKA RoboTeam, which enables robots to cooperate in real time on the basis of data exchange. Inflexible control blocks are consciously avoided here; instead, intelligently networked autonomous standard controllers are used, which can be freely combined to form an optimal cooperating group of robots for any manufacturing concept. The controllers of the individual robots can be grouped in any configuration. Furthermore, a KUKA DKP 2000 positioning table makes it possible to process components with diameters of up to two-and-a-half meters and weights of up to two tonnes. The wall and ceiling of the cell can be opened automatically, allowing large components to be brought into the cell using a crane.
System components / Scope of supply

The system is equipped with a number of technology packages: KUKA.LaserTec and KUKA.LaserhybridTec. In addition to a laser system from Apricon with an integrated Trumpf laser, the equipment also includes welding heads from Cloos and Precitec, as well as a 3D cutting head from Precitec. The entire system, consisting of robots, two-axis positioner, linear unit, laser and periphery, is controlled and coordinated by a single KUKA KR C2 controller.
Results / Success

The system provides a flexible and innovative solution for laser welding large components.
Number of report
Metal products
Research, education
Laser welding
Laser cutting
Medium payloads (30-60 kg)
High payloads (90-300 kg)
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