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Robots in the automotive industry
Robots have been keeping things moving in the automotive industry for 30 years: the cost-intensive models of the past have meanwhile made way for versatile and reliable high-tech robots. With the development of each new model, robots have gradually become more profitable. Today, they pay for themselves faster than ever before. And because KUKA is continuously breaking new ground with its research and development, KUKA robots are not only among the most innovative and powerful machines on the market, they are also true all-rounders. No matter what the task – welding, foundry operations, laser applications or palletizing – these multi-talents improve the entire production chain, from operation in press shops to paintshops and final assembly. It is no wonder, then, that they are meanwhile considered indispensable in all areas of the automotive industry.
  • Maximum dynamic performance
  • Extreme stiffness

This series stands out for its maximum dynamism, extreme stiffness and high performance as well as its low weight and streamlined design.

KR 16-2
  • Minimized disruptive contour
  • Reaches any point, even in confined spaces.

With its minimized disruptive contour and streamlined design, it saves valuable space and reaches any point, even in confined spaces.

KR Agilus series
  • Unparalleled performance
  • Maximum speed

The series of small robots with unparalleled performance at the highest of speeds is also available as a waterproof variant.

  • Masters payloads up to 600 kg
  • Pose repeatability of ±0.08 mm

It masters payloads up to 600 kg and a pose repeatability of ±0.08 mm. Precision handling of even heavy workpieces is thus no problem.

KR 16 arc HW
  • Improved component accessibility
  • Simplified offline programming

Both torsion-type dress packages and infinitely rotating arc welding dress packages are possible. This means not only improved component accessibility, but also simplified offline programming.

KR 16-3 L8 arc HW
  • Hollow Wrist protects the dress package
  • No whiplash motion during reorientation of the robot

The Hollow Wrist not only shields the dress package from mechanical influences, but also prevents undesirable whiplash motion during reorientation of the robot.

Consistent quality. Reduced need for reworking.

Areas of application for robots

Areas of application for robots
No matter how hard the task, KUKA robots make light work of it: they are robust and resistant when working with foundry machines. They exhibit great reliability and endurance when carrying out the complex handling of heavy weld guns. Pin-point accuracy and high performance in precise laser applications. Specialists on the one hand, these robots can be employed almost universally. They can be integrated flexibly and virtually without risk into almost any work process. At the same time, they create the ideal conditions for future production expansions or changeovers. Short-term increase in productivity or securing the future long term – KUKA robots manage both.

Automation potential in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has recorded continuous growth in recent years. This trend is set to continue: new markets and technologies are opening up completely new perspectives.

However, this growth places high demands on the productivity of both existing and newly planned production lines and facilities. KUKA robots meet these increasing demands on modernization and automation. It is up to you to make the most of your opportunity to boost cost-effectiveness and sales. 

The latest robot generation with intelligent control systems and optimized kinematic systems is making it increasingly possible to integrate KUKA robots into variable fields of application within production and processing.

KUKA robots with special Foundry applications are used, for example, in the production of engine parts. For these tasks, 6-axis jointed-arm robots are integrated into systems and machines. Even the interaction of several robots within complex sequences is now possible. There is still great potential in the automotive industry for robots to increase output efficiency and make production more reliable.

In addition to standardized robot systems, KUKA also supplies custom-tailored automation solutions: get in touch with us to find out more!

Foundry: At Heidenreich & Harbeck, KUKA robots are using contour recognition to remove undefined casting burrs
Fully automated, robot-based finishing process for the manufacturing of casting components
Erhardt + Abt using the KUKA KR 16 to automate the painting of rear axle drive shafts
The KUKA robot makes its mark in the coating booth for car rear axles through its robust motion control – even under the influence of external forces.
KR 1000 titan assembles cylinder blocks at the FAW Group
Use of KUKA robots sets benchmark in manufacture of heavy-duty diesel engines in China.
KR 210 R3100 F cleans permanent casting molds at BMW
At the BMW plant in Landshut, permanent casting molds are cleaned with a manually guided KUKA robot.
Can a car seat withstand conditions at the North Pole?
Car seats have to withstand a lot. The weight of the driver, for example, his movement while waiting impatiently at a red light, or extracting a wallet from his back trouser pocket....

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