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KUKA Coaster

In the unique KUKA COASTER, the advantages of the practically unrestricted freedom of motion and excellent dynamic performance of an industrial robot have been exploited in the leisure and amusement industry for the first time.
Performance features
  • Integrated powered access platform
  • Automated operation and diagnosis
  • Integrated safety fence and other safety equipment
  • System control and operator panels
  • 5 selectable ride profiles
  • Variable-height robot pedestal
  • Optional mounting base
  • and much more.
Special features
  • 6 axes – 6 degrees of freedom with synchronized motion for a revolutionary new ride experience
  • Thematic adaptability of the motion programming
  • Wide range of motion sequences, speeds and ride profiles, from gentle to extreme, to meet the requirements of all customers
  • Safe and reliable with tried-and-tested industrial robot technology
  • Suitable for use in water attractions
  • Fully electrical – no compressed air required
  • and much more.
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