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Learn about KUKA MSRS Tutorials

Educational Framework

Learn about KUKA MSRS Tutorials
The tutorials are organized into different groups:

  • Arm Tutorials

These Tutorials show how to control the end of arm in an industrial robotics fashion. You will learn about point to point motions, linear motions and the orchestration of linked motions. ...more

  • Mobile Tutorials

The mobile Tutorials introduce additional actors and sensors into the scenario, including a mobile platform and a gripper. ...more

  • Task Tutorials

These Tutorials show how to use the composed kinematic machine including Laser range sensors to solve a specific task. ...more

  • Build Tutorial

The KUKA Educational Framework is delivered with the source code of all services and the related compiled assemblies. ...more

For each tutorial, we provide sample source code. We encourage the interested user to experiment with the code and substitute services with an own implementation.

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Here in our Download Center, you will find concentrated information about all of Educational Framework – at the click of a mouse.
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