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Arm Tutorials

These Tutorials show how to control the end of arm in an industrial robotics fashion. You will learn about point to point motions, linear motions and the orchestration of linked motions.

Arm Tutorial 1
To move a tool from position A to position B using a six axis robot, you have to tell each axis of the robot which positions they should assume so that the end of arm reaches the desired position and orientation.
Arm Tutorial 2
In arm tutorial 1, the robot was moved by setting target joint angles. Neither did we know the position and orientation of the end-of-arm nor could we move the robot to a desired cartesian coordinate.
Arm Tutorial 3
Many industrial robotic applications need their tools to be moved in a linear fashion. This is the case when the process itself needs to be applied in a straight line (e.g. welding / cutting along a line).
Arm Tutorial 4
Industrial robot programs usually consist of long series of motion commands. These motion commands describe paths that move a tool to its destination positions, e.g. a grip position, a place position, a tool-reload position, or of course process positions like welding spots or gluing paths.

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