Application software
  For simple programming and high process reliability, KUKA offers you a broad range of ready-made application software, tailored to the most common robot applications. The software can be optimally adapted to the production environment either by offline programming or directly on the KUKA Control Panel. In this way, the system can be programmed for added value in a minimal number of steps – and processing can get under way.
  • KUKA.ArcTech
    With the KUKA.ArcTech products, arc welding applications can be quickly set up and programmed. Depending on the installed function, control is possible via either reference voltage or job numbers.


  • KUKA.BendTech
    KUKA.BendTech supports the setup and programming of bending applications. The software provides a wide range of inline forms (input masks for program commands). This minimizes the number of work steps required, considerably simplifying the programming of the robot.


  • KUKA.ConveyorTech
    KUKA.ConveyorTech adapts the motion of the robot to that of assembly lines and conveyor belts. In this way, a robot can work on parts on a fast-moving conveyor or move them from one conveyor to another.


  • KUKA.GlueTech
    KUKA.GlueTech is used for convenient programming of adhesive application tasks using inline forms. Up to three dispensing controllers can be operated with staggered control.


  • KUKA.LaserTech
    KUKA.LaserTech allows the integration of laser welding and laser cutting systems into the robot controller. Both applications can be executed using the same robot; this means maximum flexibility, while the workpiece only needs to be clamped once.


    KUKA.CAMRob is a technology software package which enables a KUKA robot to be implemented quickly and easily for machining workpieces, on the basis of path and process data from a CAM system. KUKA.CAMRob automatically transforms the CNC data generated with a CAM system into a robot program, enabling an industrial robot to be used as a machining robot for complex components.


  • KUKA.Pallet Layout / KUKA.Pallet Pro
    KUKA.Pallet Layout and KUKA.Pallet Pro provide an intelligent solution for the planning, programming and control of palletizing cells. It allows simple offline programming of palletizing systems with up to 30 palletizing and conveyor stations and 16 slipsheet stations using a graphical editor. The generated robot programs can then be configured and processed for up to 15 different robotic cells using the palletizing software.


  • KUKA.PlastTech
    KUKA.PlastTech supports the work process of robots in conjunction with injection molding machines. The PlastTech software synchronizes the motion of the robot and the injection molding machine. For example, the robot moves into the injection molding machine for the removal operation while the machine is still opening, thereby reducing the cycle time.


  • KUKA.SeamTech
    KUKA.SeamTech is a program for automatic seam tracking sensor systems. It is used for both laser and arc welding in conjunction with a light section sensor.


  • KUKA.ServoGun
    KUKA.ServoGun enables the operation of electric motor-driven spot weld guns with the KUKA robot controller. The gun is moved during programming as a robot axis. Each taught point automatically contains the opening width information for the welding gun.


  • KUKA.TouchSense
    KUKA.TouchSense is a tactile seam search application for arc welding applications. This application makes it possible to compensate for deviations in the shape or position of workpieces so that the motion path on the workpiece corresponds exactly to the master contour.
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