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Mobile Robotics

Mobile heavy-duty platforms, transport systems for internal logistics or flexible production assistants: anyone looking for mobile robots or platforms will find what they need at KUKA.

The KUKA “mobility” portfolio offers a wide range of mobile systems with numerous variants for all conceivable dimensions. The Mecanum wheel system ensures maximum freedom of motion and is predestined for transporting even heavy loads with the utmost precision. The mobile platforms and transport systems from KUKA are available both with and without KUKA robots and for different sizes and payloads. In this way, they can be customized to meet many different customer requirements. Fully automatic operation can be implemented, for example, using autonomous navigation systems.

In the aerospace and automotive industries and in many other branches of industry: it has never been simpler to integrate autonomous robots and mobile platforms quickly, precisely and reliably into cells and systems.

The KUKA “mobility” portfolio also offers with omnidirectional mobile systems for internal logistics. When it comes to direct cooperation between humans and machines or between humans and mobile platforms, rigid boundaries are being dispensed with – both parties work hand in hand, paving the way for the fourth industrial revolution: “Industry 4.0”.


KUKA Mobile Platforms (KMP)

KMP omniMove
If you’re looking for a flexible, mobile platform system, look no further than KUKA omniMove. Never before has it been simpler to maneuver heavy and bulky loads into the right position – with pin-point accuracy. more
  KMP 1500 KMP 1500
The KUKA Mobile Platform (KMP) 1500 is an omnidirectional mobile platform. Combined with the latest KUKA Sunrise controller, KUKA provides modular, wide-ranging and above all mobile production concepts for the industry of the future. more
Tripple Lift KMP Tripple Lift
The KUKA Triple Lift mobile lift platform is the ideal solution if you are looking to reach new heights in safety. The platform is characterized by an impressive and revolutionary lift design. more


KUKA Mobile Robotics (KMR)

The unbeatable combination of tried-and-tested KUKA robots, mobile platforms and industrial components creates a mobile solution for virtually any scenario more
  KMR iiwa KMR iiwa
With the KUKA Mobile Robotics iiwa (KMR iiwa), a new, intelligent and mobile assistant that combines the sensitive and compliant KUKA iiwa (intelligent industrial work assistant) lightweight robot with the KUKA omnidirectional mobile platform. more


KUKA Navigation Solution

With KUKA Navigation Solution, KUKA is presenting its product for autonomously navigating vehicles in the mobility sector. The combination consists of two parts: an industrial PC for installation in an unmanned transport system and the software for autonomous navigation of a vehicle or for commanding multiple vehicles. more
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KUKA mobile robot Quantec
Triple Lift
Video: KMP Triple Lift
KMP omniMove at plant
Video: Omnidirectional movement
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