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Special Models

KUKA robots are available not just as standard models, but also, for specific requirements, as shelf-mounted, palletizing or press-to-press robots, as well as a version for foundry applications. These special models increase productivity still further as they are optimally adapted to their respective applications.

ARC Welding Robots
Specially adapted to arc welding, KUKA’s ARC robots offer optimized solutions at attractive prices. Having a payload capacity of 16 kg
Foundry Robots
When the heat is on, KUKA robots in the foundry version get the job done without even breaking a sweat. Far from it: for years they have
Palletizing Robots
KUKA’s many years of experience in palletizing offer you new possibilities in the field of palletizing and depalletizing.
Press-To-Press Robots
Due to their enormous range, our press-to-press robots are ideally suited to the loading and unloading of even large components
Shelf-Mounted Robots
Many tasks which previously were the sole preserve of linear feed systems can now also be carried out by flexible KUKA
Cleanroom Robots
With its cleanroom robots, KUKA offers flexible standard solutions for fields of application in which, until now, customers had little
High-accuracy robots
Designed for high-precision specifications, HA series robots are particularly suitable for laser applications or the
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