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KR 6 R900 sixx (KR AGILUS)

The KR 6 R900 sixx has a payload capacity of 6 kg and a reach of approx. 901 mm. The KR AGILUS is consistently rated for particularly high working speeds.


Payload 6 kg

Working envelope

Max. reach 901 mm

Other data and variants

Number of axes 6
Repeatability <±0,03 mm
Weight 52 kg
Mounting positions Floor, ceiling, wall
Controller KR C4 compact
Protection class IP 54
Suitable for this application
Handling, loading and unloading Packaging and order picking Other handling operations
Metal casting machines, foundry plants Application of adhesives and sealants Other coating operations
Assembly Fastening Plastics processing machines
Inserting, mounting Other assembly/disassembly operations Forging plants
Forming machine tools Cutting machine tools Handling for other machines
Measuring, testing and inspection Palletizing  
After consultation with KUKA
Painting, surface treatment    
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