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Our Industrial Robots

Discover the world of ideas – the world of KUKA industrial robots. With countless different variants, versions and expansion options, the KUKA Robot Group offers you the widest range of applications for your current and future production tasks.

LBR iiwa

For the first time, human and robot can work together on highly sensitive tasks in close collaboration. Safety fences are dispensed with, new applications are opened up and the way is paved for greater cost-effectiveness and utmost efficiency. more

Small Robots

These compact, space-saving robots from KUKA are among the fastest and most reliable robots in their class. more

Low Payloads (6 kg to 20 kg)

KUKA robots with low payloads are particularly suitable for small-scale activities such as component testing, assembly of small parts, or grinding, polishing and bonding. more

Medium Payloads (30 kg to 60 kg)

Potential applications for medium payload robots range from simple handling tasks to complex operations such as measuring air currents in the wind tunnel or sewing leather seat covers. more

High Payloads (90 kg to 300 kg)

KUKA robots from the high payload range are particularly sought after for spot welding, handling and loading/unloading tasks. Their long reach and great flexibility make them indispensable partners. more

Heavy Duty (300 kg to 1300 kg)

With payloads of up to 1300 kg, these robots can e.g. handle side panels in automotive body-in-white construction or, in the palletizing variant, carry out tasks in the beverage or building materials industries. more

Special Models

KUKA robots are available not just as standard models, but also, for specific requirements, as shelf-mounted, palletizing or press-to-press robots, as well as a version for foundry applications. more

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