Product Range: Palletizers and Welding Robots

As a pioneer in robotics and robotic arm technology, the KUKA Robot Group is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of robotic systems worldwide.  KUKA offers a unique and wide range of industrial robots and robot systems, covering all common payload categories and robot types.

That means KUKA has a robot perfectly customized for your application and industry – or can design a custom robotic system for your unique needs.  With our cutting-edge robotic arm technology and ingenious engineering, we offer a huge product range, including:

  • Six-axis robots of all sizes
  • Palletizers
  • Cleanroom robots
  • Heat-resistant robots
  • Welding robots

For standard or shelf-mounted robots and heavy-duty versions, mounting is possible on the floor or on the ceiling, making them multifunctional and flexible. Due to the modular structure of KUKA robots, reconfiguration for other tasks is quick and easy.

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PC-Based Robotic Controllers

All KUKA robots operate with a dependable, programmable PC-based control platform. This PC-based robot controller (KR C) allows you to use all the advantages of PC technology, such as remote diagnosis, Microsoft Windows interface and software, field bus, Soft PLC, OPC Server and much more.  The high standards set by KUKA have convinced robot users worldwide of KUKA’s ingenuity and have made KUKA a world leader in the field of industrial robots with PC-based controllers.

Robots & Robotic Arms Technologies

Our robot product range is complemented by task-related additional applications and by so-called hub technologies, based on the intelligent networking of controllers. Irrespective of the individual technologies involved, KUKA's product portfolio is characterized by an integrated system philosophy, top safety and reliability, a uniform look and feel, common operator control devices, and consistent maintenance and upgrade concepts.

Finally, our international network of qualified system partners, robot integrators, and system builders from the widest variety of industries serves to guarantee a robot solution - a complete solution tailored exactly to your requirements.  We offer practical assistance in the implementation of your automation projects. Please contact us today.

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Service Robotics

Autonomous navigation software and mobile service robots such as the KUKA omniRob and youBot prepare the way for a new generation of robots. more

Medical Robotics

Assistive robot technologies are used in a wide range of medical applications like radiology, radiation therapy and patient positioning more
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