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With more than 8000 employees on five continents, and a business volume of around 1.9 billion euro, KUKA ranks among the world’s leading providers of robotics, as well as plant and systems technology. Ever since the company was founded over 100 years ago, it has stood for innovation in mechanical and systems engineering.
Having come of age in the cutting-edge technology of the European automotive industry, KUKA is now increasingly supplying state-of-the-art technology in other sectors and regions.
Many renowned major companies rely on KUKA’s advanced technologies for their automated production.

Of particular importance to us here at KUKA is the human side of things. Appreciation and enthusiasm are core elements of our daily work.

So that our employees are able to perform their best at work, KUKA operates a family-friendly personnel policy, as certified by the “berufundfamilie” (work and family) audit. KUKA first received recognition for its family-friendly personnel policy in 2010. A further milestone was reached with the re-audit in May 2013. KUKA’s stated objectives support a long-term personnel policy that takes into consideration the specific requirements of the different stages in its employees’ lives. KUKA has thus adopted a pioneering role in its particular branch of industry. We offer flexible working hours, for example, together with a wide range of part-time options and arrangements for working from home; since the fall of 2013, we even have our own on-site children’s day-care facility. To keep our employees fit for the requirements of our high-tech industry, we also offer an extensive range of training and health management options.

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